Laurie Tuchel


Laurie is an American artist who divides her time between adopted homes on Grand Bahama Island and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Interested in landscapes as well as the human figure, Laurie is drawn to exploring people, their relationship to time, place and the changing moods of the natural environment. She is passionate about colour, bold brushwork and oil paint.

She is an avid traveler who has filled many sketchbooks with impressions that begin as visual field notes - recordings of emotional and visual responses through Plein Air. They incorporate collage and mixed media, gouache, pastel, and graphite, whatever it takes to gather information into the sketchbook.  Back in the studio, these interpretations become the intuitive foundation for future paintings.

Laurie is equally interested in creating works of art that tell the stories of her island, Grand Bahama, to its community which has limited exposure to the power of visual art and its storytelling abilities. She is the inspiration behind a collaborative ongoing series highlighting the island’s unique history. Through her own work and those of other island artists, Grand Bahama’s heritage is being showcased in new ways. 

Since 2014, Laurie has exhibited paintings in The Bahamas, the United States and Scotland.