Freeport, Grand Bahama - The Grand Gallery is pleased to announce Nocturnes, a group exhibition of artists based on the island, curated by Boryana Korcheva and Del Foxton. Nocturnes opened 12 March 2015 with a curatorial tour followed by a reception and will run till 24 April 2015.

Nocturnes explores the eternal subject of the Night, as interpreted by contemporary artists of varied cultural backgrounds living in Grand Bahama.

‘The night is a constant of our physical and spiritual existence, an inherent element of our biological rhythm. It has a special symbolism in all cultures and is one of the eternal themes of the arts,’ said curator Boryana Korcheva. “Technology has changed our relationship with the night and yet its spiritual dimension has not diminished, nor has it lost its impact on human imagination’.

‘With Nocturnes we are trying to find out how the night is perceived by the modern humans. Do they still fear it? Do they still long for it? Are they still longing for the stars, despite Google Skymap app in their pocket?” – explained Korcheva.

Del Foxton, co-curator of the exhibition added: ‘Our aim is not only to display artworks, but to engage the wider public with the artistic movement on the island. A schedule of talks and private viewings, attended by artists and curators will be announced shortly after the opening”.

Participating artists: Boryana Korcheva, Caitlin Farrington, Cali Veilleux, Chantal Bethel, Christine Matthai, Clarence Green, Claudette Dean, Del Foxton, Eva Dehmel, Jo Morasco, Julie Hoyle, Ken Heslop, Laurie Tuchel, Melanie Darville, Paula Boyd Farrington, Sheldon Saint, Tony Cassano.